General Information

The Magnet Group

For more information on The Magnet Group's General Policies, Order Information and Art Requirements, please read the section(s) below:


Order Information

Orders may be placed online quickly and easily by clicking the “Add to Cart” button from any product information page. Or, you may email your purchase order and associated artwork to

Less Than Minimum Quantity Charge $50.00 (G). Absolute minimum is normally ½ of the first column quantity. The minimum total order value The Magnet Group will process is $75.00 (G) per order. For Magnet LLC. Contact Customer Service for quote.

Art Charges

If art requirements are not met, art time will be billed at $40.00 (X) per hour. Factory WILL NOT be responsible for charges due to “clean-up” or “rework” deemed necessary to meet production standards.

Charges less than $40.00 will be processed without notification.


We will typeset up to 3 lines of text for FREE. All other typesetting (including copy changes) will be billed as needed at $40.00 (X) per hour. The typestyle must be indicated, or it will be left to the discretion of the typesetter.

Charges less than $40.00 will be processed without notification.

Artwork Storage

Artwork will remain on file for 2 years. You must resubmit art after that time.

PMS Matches (non-stock colors)

$30.00 (G) per color. If a non-stock color or PMS number is listed on your purchase order, the requested color will be used and a PMS charge will apply. Color matches are not guaranteed due to the variations in the inks and raw materials. We will use the ink color requested and match as closely as possible. For PMS color matches, we recommend that a product proof be produced to ensure colors are correct (additional charges apply).

PMS color matches are not available on items printed using a 4 color process. For requested color matches, we will use the closest CMYK equivalent possible.


Online proofs are available at no charge. Email or fax proofs requested to be sent outside of our system will incur a $10.00 (X) charge.

Product Proofs

For most promotional products, product proofs are available at first column pricing plus appropriate setup charge for the specified decoration method.

For magnets and postcards, product proofs are available at the following charge (depending on production method):

  • Digital / 4 Color Process $10.00 (X)
  • Silk Screened $10.00 (X) per color
  • Car Sign magnets $50.00 (X)
  • Offset Press Proofs (applies to most Smartline cards) $75.00 (X) per color, per spot varnish, per side and/or per copy. All 4 color process proofs and skin packaged postcard press proofs must be quoted. Call factory for quote.

Note:Custom shape / size product proofs (non-stock items): If production method is Digital, die pattern will be printed on item. If item is printed Silk Screen, Offset or Flexo, die pattern will be printed on film. Actual die will not be made until proof is approved.

Cancellations or Changes to Orders

There will be a minimum $40.00 (X) charge if an order is cancelled, in addition to any costs incurred for all work completed at the time of cancellation or change. Our goal is to provide the fastest service possible. Due to the speed of our order fulfillment, charges for changes or cancellations apply once the order is received. Changes may delay production and shipping.

Cancelled orders for promotional products are subject to a 15% restocking fee, $25.00 (X) minimum.

Art Resubmission Charge

When new artwork is submitted, a $10.00 (X) charge will be applied. NOTE: Changes to previously submitted artwork MUST be sent to Customer Service to ensure use of new art.

Repeat Orders

Please include a samples of the previous item with the new order to get as close as possible. Due to variations in inks, materials, and press runs, an exact match to previous is not guaranteed on re-runs or proofs.

Rush Service

For orders requiring less than the minimum standard production time, a rush charge may apply, depending on production capacity. Contact the factory for production time confirmation and applicable charges.


Every effort will be made to ship the exact quantity ordered. TMG guarantees no short orders. However, we do reserve the right, in accordance with industry standards, to ship a maximum of 5% over the quantity ordered. The actual quantity shipped will be noted on your invoices and is the quantity that will be billed.

Shipping and Handling

Be aware that freight carriers charge us for address changes caused by incorrect information on purchase orders. Any fees we incur will be invoiced to the distributor after we are notified.

3rd Party Billing: A standard handling charge of $10.00 (X) per order will apply to all 3rd party freight arrangements. Any charges (ie, Collect, Residential Delivery, etc…) refused by or unable to bill to the supplied account will be invoiced to the distributor.

  • Drop Shipments will be billed at $8.50 (G) each.
  • Split Shipments will be billed at $8.50 (G) each.
  • Palletizing Fee will be billed at $12.50 (G) per pallet.
  • International Shipment Destination charges will be billed at $25.00 (G) per shipment, per location.

Item weights and standard packing information is available on the product details page for each promotional product. The weight of our flat flexible magnet products depends on the thickness and size of each item, and are calculated at the time of order. Here are some approximate weights on 500 pieces of flat flexible magnets:

.020 Thickness
4 sq in – 4 lbs 6 sq in – 8 lbs
5 sq in – 7 lbs 7 sq in – 9 lbs
.030 Thickness
4 sq in – 8-1/2 lbs 6 sq in – 12-1/2 lbs
5 sq in – 10-1/2 lbs 7 sq in – 14-1/2 lbs


All returns must be pre-authorized and accompanied by a claim number. Any returned items must be packaged to prevent damage in shipment. Items damaged due to poor packaging on return shipment may not be credited. All returned merchandise will be inspected prior to any credit being issued. If no defect is found, merchandise will be returned to customer at their expense.

Blank goods can be returned within 72 hours of delivery date. Please contact Customer Service for return authorization number. Returns will incur a 15% restocking fee ($25.00 (X) minimum) plus all freight charges. Returns received without a prior return authorization will be denied.


We prefer that all sample requests be submitted in writing via email. Sample requests received before 2:00pm CST will ship the SAME DAY.

Sample charges:

  • Spec Samples (non-returnable) – First column pricing plus appropriate setup charge
  • Random Samples – billed at end column pricing (EQP) plus freight. Third party freight accounts are preferred for shipping.

Customer Supplied Items

  • To insert generic customer supplied paper card into box: $0.75 (G) each
  • To insert personalized customer supplied paper card into box: $2.50 (G) each
  • To insert customer supplied paper card into a frame: $2.50 (G) each
  • To print and insert generic paper card into a box: $2.50 (G) plus $50.00 (G) setup
  • To insert other types of items: Call Customer Service for quote.

Quick Ship Guidelines

  • Quick Ship is available for 1 color, 1 location and Laser decoration methods only
  • Quick Ship must be designated very clearly on your purchase order
  • Print ready art and a complete purchase order must be received no later than 1:00pm CST to
  • For your purchase order to be complete, it must include the following:
    • Item Number
    • Color
    • Quantity
    • Imprint instructions, including attached artwork
    • Shipping Info
    • Customer’s account number
    • After-hours contact person (for any questions that might arise)
  • For specific art requirements, please see Art Requirements
  • Catalog quantities only, subject to inventory availability; some limitations apply
  • Closeout items do not qualify for Quick Ship
  • If an online proof is requested on your order, it will add one working day, plus approval time, to your order
  • Weekends and holidays do not count as production days
  • Customer’s account number be current and in good credit standing
  • Multiple drop shipments or special packaging will add time to your order. Please contact factory for details.

Art Requirements

Please submit original art files to We have an FTP site available for large file submission; please call for log-in details. Include your purchase order number and company name in the subject line. Revised art or changes to previously submitted art should be submitted directly to Customer Service. An art resubmission charge of $10.00 (X) will apply.

All artwork will be maxed out to our imprint area unless otherwise specified on your artwork and purchase order.

All RGB defined colors and files must be converted to CMYK for 4 Color Process production.

Artwork will be accepted from the following programs: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Pagemaker, Quark Express, Corel Draw, ZIP/Stuffit.

  • Adobe Illustrator vector artwork is much preferred. Be sure to convert all text to outlines.
  • Photoshop – PSD, EPS, TIFF and JPEG files (layered if possible). Files must be 300 dpi or higher at 100% final size. If supplying image files, fonts need to be rasterized.
  • Be sure to send all linked files, including all TIFF and EPS files for artwork placed in your document.

We do not accept: GIF files, Pagemaker, Freehand, Word Processing documents, Powerpoint, Photocopies, business cards, faxes, etc.

Helpful hints:

  • EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) file format is used to transfer PostScript image information from one program to another. The file includes PostScript code plus a low-resolution representation of the image. Logos, illustrations and graphics that will be color separated should be saved as EPS files.
  • TIFF (Tag Image File Format) is a widely used file format for exchanging bitmapped images (usually scans) between applications. Black and white line art or grayscale images should be saved as TIFF files.
  • Please submit TIFF files as a layered document, in case last minute modifications are required.
  • Always provide a list of fonts used within a document. This allows output technicians to download the appropriate fonts to their image setter or output device. Remember to list all fonts with imported illustrations, or the output device may substitute a different font.
  • When supplying PostScript fonts with a job, be sure to supply the printer fonts (also called outline fonts) and screen fonts (bitmap fonts). Both must be available for proper output.
  • When supplying fonts, be sure to supply those used in the creation of EPS files. (They will not show up in your page makeup application on the list of fonts used.)
  • Specify fonts and their style (bold or italic, for example) by using the long menus in your publishing program rather than selecting bold or italic by clicking on a style bar. The menu selection will give you a more accurate representation of the font and style desired. On the Mac platform, clicking on the style bar allows you to select styles for which fonts don’t actually exist.
  • Limit the number of fonts used in each job.
  • Avoid using fine serif fonts. These fonts are usually too thin and fill in or lose detail in the printing process.
  • Avoid saving EPS files within EPS files. Avoid transparencies and Illustrator filters to create shadows as they convert to low resolution files.

Please see additional requirements under specific decoration method.

1 Color, 1 Location

Up to 3 spot colors can be printed on certain items. Halftones / gradients are not available. Artwork must be @ 100% final size or larger. Images must be @ 300 dpi or higher for non-vector artwork.

Note: Increasing the size of the images will decrease the size of the dpi.

Font size: 12pt / Line Width: 3pt

Fonts: All fonts used must be converted to curves, outlined or rasterized. Avoid using thin lines, fine serif fonts or condensed fonts. These fonts will fill or lose detail.

Artwork needs to be a solid shape without soft edges, transparencies or overprints. Butt register is not recommended. If art is too fine we will overprint. Trapping may cause a color change where colors meet.

4 Color Process

Colors should be in CMYK.

Not eligible for spot, metallic, florescent colors, or PMS color matches.

Artwork must be @ 100% final size or larger. Images must be @ 300 dpi or higher for non-vector artwork.

Note: Increasing the size of the images will decrease the size of the dpi.

We are not able to redraw 4 color process images or photos.

Font size: 12pt / Line Width: 3pt

Fonts: All fonts used must be converted to curves, outlined or rasterized. Avoid using thin lines, fine serif fonts or condensed fonts. These fonts will fill or lose detail.

Artwork needs to be a solid shape without soft edges, transparencies or overprints.


Font size: 12pt / Line Width: 3pt

Please avoid using thin lines, fine serif fonts or condensed fonts. These fonts will fill or lose detail.


All tape / files must include thread colors and sequence. We use Robison Anton Super Strength Rayon threads.

Font size: 8mm or .25”H Small registers / trademarks with fine lines may appear as a dot on product.

If a PMS color is all that is provided, the factory will choose the closest thread color available.

Submitted digitized files will be sewn as submitted. The Magnet Group is not able to manipulate these files unless we generated the original digitized file. Digitizing charges apply if art is submitted in a non-digitized punched files (ie, .jpg, .tiff, .eps, etc…).

For stitch count quotes, contact Customer Service. An art file will need to be submitted for viewing purposes.


Artwork must be submitted as vector art in black / white.

Font size: 7pt / Line width: 1pt

Please avoid using fine serif fonts. These fonts are usually too thin and will fill or lose detail.

3D Items

Standard imprint will be 2D unless a True 3D file is provided.

2D: With a supplied vector art file, we will run it through a 3D CAD program and extrude the line art to give it depth (usually 4 to 5 millimeters or approximately 0.2”).

3D: With a True 3D file, once engraved, image can be rotated 360o and viewed from any angle, just as if it were real.

The Magnet Group Color Charts

Color Chart 1
Color Chart 2
Color Chart 3


Magnet LLC

For more information on Magnet LLC Policies, Order Information and/or Art Requirements, please read the section(s) below:


  • Cut and registration variance not to exceed 3/32”.
  • Due to variations in ink, materials, and press runs, colors may not match previous orders exactly.
  • Due to the shrinkage of material during the screening process, copy may not be perfectly centered or registered on each magnet. This applies to all magnets.
  • Due to the shape of the circle / oval magnets, all copy will not be perfectly centered on each magnet. A variance waiver letter must be signed and returned before orders for circle / oval magnets will be produced.
  • Magnet LLC has automated equipment used for efficiency in our folding processes. A 1/16” tolerance (+/-) may be needed to allow for the folding.
  • Due to the nature of the substrates, adhesives, and materials, total material thickness may vary by up to (+/-) 0.003 from standard.

Removable Adhesive

Recommended surfaces for Memo Boards and VagaBond:

  • Wood doors and desks
  • Stainless steel
  • Plastic and vinyl
  • Computers
  • Glass windows and mirrors

Magnets for Outdoor Use

Car signs are manufactured by The Magnet Group for outdoor use. All other magnets are not intended for outdoor use and qualify for different material.

Art Requirements

  • Bleed (art intended to print to the edge) must extend 3/32” outside of the cut line. Art not intended to print to the edge must remain 3/32” inside the cut line.

Imprint Area / Live Copy

  • Due to variances in cut, all copy must remain 3/32” inside cut lines.


Halftones are made up of dots and are not recommended for type.

  • Digital art: Halftones must be between a 5% to 90% screen. Watermarks between 80% and 100% screen may not print.
  • Silk Screen art: Halftones must be between a 30% to 70% screen. Avoid graduated halftones.
  • Offset art: Gradient halftone range 2% to 100%. Screen tint range 10% to 90%.

Type Size

  • Minimum type size: 6pt
  • Small registers / trademarks with fine lines may appear as a dot on the product.

Line Thickness

  • Minimum line thickness: 0.5 pt
  • 1pt minimum line thickness for reverse copy or art.

The 1919 Company

For more information on The 1919 Company, Order Information and/or Art Requirements, please read the section(s) below:


For more information on Benchmark Policies, Order Information and/or Art Requirements, please read the section(s) below:

Crystal Quality and Fabrication

Due to the individual hand development of each art glass piece, uniformity in size, weight, shap and color cannot be guaranteed. All glass or crystal items may have slight variances, such as tiny bubbles or flow marks, and are not considered defects.

Art glass awards cannot be glued to the base and are shipped unattached. For those glass awards which are glued to the base, please note that the ultraviolet gluing process may unavoidably produce slight bubbles, adhesive striations and other minor distortions.

Perfect Line

For more information on Perfect Line Policies, Order Information and/or Art Requirements, please read the section(s) below:

Halftone Screens

Some items are available with halftone screens, as indicated in the individual product detail information. Maximum resolution is 60 LPI. Colored bottles are not recommended for halftone screens (white or granite only). At this resolution, dots are visible and may appear coarse and grainy. Halftone screens must be submitted on disk.


For more information on Castelli Policies, Order Information and/or Art Requirements, please read the section(s) below:

Important Ordering Information

Follow these steps to ensure expedited processing of your order.

  • Complete, Clear Orders: Clearly detail the item number and color, description of each item, quantity, price, imprint method, location of imprint, shipping method, ship-to address and in-hands date. Clearly note your contact information including e-mail address.
  • Artwork: Artwork or previous purchase order number, if repeat art, must be included with order. See Artwork Specifications for requirements.
  • Acknowledgment: Upon receiving your order, the factory will e-mail you a confirmation that you need to approve. Make the effort to completely check for accuracy, as the order will be processed as indicated.
  • Proofs: Upon receipt of a complete PO and artwork, an electronic proof will be provided for your approval within 2 business days.
  • Pre-production product proofs:Produced upon request only. The price is the EQP cost of the product plus shipping, please provide shipper number. The signed approval confirms the accuracy of the artwork and assures that your order will be produced the way you requested. Castelli is not liable for customer-approved errors, mistakes or misspellings. Standard production time applies for pre- production sample orders and stock production orders.
  • Changes to approved proofs: If changes are made to electronic proofs or product proofs after approval is received and production is in process, additional costs and delays in production time will be incurred.

General Information

Artwork Specifications

In order to ensure accurate, high-quality and prompt production of your order, specific art requirements are needed. Electronic art is required method to ensure quality production.

Electronic Artwork:

E-mail art to: in the following formats:

a. Adobe Illustrator CC is the required format (for die development) with text converted to outlines.

b. Adobe Photoshop CC & prior with art to size at 300 dpi for printed artwork.

c. Adobe InDesign CC and prior and package all links as well as all fonts

Art Charges:

Electronic Proofs - FREE (with supplied print ready artwork and vector logos). Recreation of non-print ready art or vector art cleanup $70.00 / Hour (G)

Charges are per hour, 1/2 hour minimum.


All copies or other materials submitted by customer for production purposes will be accepted as fully compliant with all applicable laws regarding trademark service, service mark, copyright, right of privacy, patent or similar protection. Castelli assumes no responsibility for determining who holds title to trademark. All liabilities of this nature rest with the customer.

Less Than Minimum

New orders that do not meet the minimum quantity order (100 pcs) will be charged $67.00 (G) to cover die charges. Repeat orders that do not meet the minimum quantities where a die is existing will not be charged a less than minimum charge.

Standard Imprinting

Minimum quantity orders qualify for one standard die at no charge. Standard imprint area is determined by book size.

Additional die and oversized dies - $67.00(G)

2nd Imprint or Run Charge - $.60(G)

Each product has its own recommended imprinting method (deboss or foil imprint). Silver and gold are standard foil colors - PMS matches not available. For other foil color options, please contact Customer Service. Additional charges may apply.

Personalization(NEW lower price!)

Most products within the Castelli collection can be personalized with names or initials. The personalization charge is $1.90 (G) per name, up to 3 lines. Refer to product to check if personalization is available.

The requirements for personalization are:

  • Typed list must be provided in an Excel file
  • Reference to purchase order number with personalization list
  • Specify font and size of personalization (please provide font, if not standard/Arial, thin serif fonts not recommended)
  • Personalization will not be accepted or produced if not provided electronically
  • Upper and lower case will be produced exactly as submitted

Production Time (NEW shorter lead times!)*

3 days – Spec samples with standard imprint

5 days – Die stamp on cover and tip-in orders at catalog quantity

7 days – Pen decoration orders at catalog quantity

10 days – Gel dome and Lanybook orders at catalog quantity *Lead times based on approval dates.

Custom orders are produced in Italy. Quotes supplied upon request.

Over and Under-Runs

While every effort is made to supply the exact quantity of printed merchandise ordered, a 3-5% variance must be taken into account for over or under-runs.

Credit Approval and Terms

All customers are subject to a credit check. It may become necessary to pay a deposit and/or the entire order up front. Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express are all accepted for payments. Any amounts over $10,000 charged to American Express card will incur a 3% surcharge. Terms: 30 days from delivery of the goods is standard.


Random samples: Up to 5 per customer at no charge with supplied shipper number.

Spec samples: May be purchased at EQP plus Die Development fee of $67.00 (G). Production time of 3 business days from art approval.

Virtual Samples: Will be provided at no charge as long as the art meets the requirements specified in the Art Specifications section. Please allow 24-48 business hours for processing (longer times may be required during peak seasons). Standard art charges will apply if artwork does not meet our art requirements.

Shipping and Handling

A. All products are shipped F.O.B. Sparks, NV factory unless otherwise noted (stock shipments delivered to the state of NV are subject to Nevada state tax).

Only if a customer account # is provided
On approval only Please contact customer service

B. All orders will be shipped prepaid, freight billed on invoice.

C. Customer’s shipper number can be provided on all orders as requested. All invalid shipping accounts will be billed prepaid freight. All 3rd party reversed freight (including duties and taxes charged) will be billed back and are subject to additional fees or penalties incurred by Castelli.

D. Expedited shipping is used upon customer request. Exact event dates must be supplied to Castelli to ensure timeliness.

E. Orders will be shipped to the address indicated on the purchase order unless otherwise indicated.

F. Castelli NA will perform drop shipments at an additional charge of $5.00 (X) per location and the addresses must be provided electronically.

G. We are able to act as the shipper only on drop shipments outside the United States. All documentation and special arrangements are the responsibility of the distributor. Documentation must include a customs invoice identifying the importer, condition of sales, and value of goods. Instruction to factory must include port of entry, name and phone number of broker. No shipments will be attempted without complete instructions and documentation.

Packaging & Fulfillment

Items are shipped bulk and packaged in standard cartons. Special packaging and assembly are available, please see catalog for additional packaging options.

Additional Information

Claims and Return Policy: Castelli values its customers and accepts returns of most non-imprinted merchandise for credit or refund, less shipping, handling and applicable restocking fees within 30 days of shipment.

Claims: Claims must be received via fax or e-mail within 30 days of shipment. A Castelli customer service representative will contact you within 48 hours of receipt.

Return Authorization: Contact Castelli customer service to obtain a Return Authorization (RA) number. Returns without an RA number will not be accepted. Upon receipt, a credit or refund, less shipping, handling and any applicable restocking fees, will be processed. Please note: Your account must be in good standing in order to receive a credit or refund.

Restocking fees: A 15% restocking fee may be charged for non-imprinted merchandise. Imprinted and branded merchandise may not be returned.

Trademarks: Copy and trademarks in this catalog are used to demonstrate special product printing and do not constitute endorsement.

Disclaimer: All products shown in this catalog are not necessarily “to size.” Items shown could be larger or smaller than actual size. Our intention in all cases is to display product for imprint and finish characteristics.

Important Notes: All prices, specifications and terms of sale are subject to change without prior notice. All orders are subject to approval of Castelli and are not binding until accepted by Castelli. We reserve the right to refuse any order at any time. All orders are subject to availability of materials and component parts, and Castelli shall not be liable if unable to ship any order(s) due to material or product shortages.

General Emails:

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